Why do women bow so easy to shaving their…………….

I have been in very few relationship, reason I’m a gemini and we are very fickle when it comes to men. We are loyal to a fault, but relationships of the heart and bedroom are like shooting fish in an ocean. So my issue is shaving my legs……….some men think its sexy to keep the hair on your legs and some think it’s a faux pas. I tried it and it was just to much maintenance. I shave certain areas, but my legs are not one of those. The reason behind this noncompliance is the hair on my legs holds no odor or it is a problem as far as maintenance goes. Me being a black woman(actually a BEAUTIFUL brown)the hair on my legs is not that big of a deal. Now fairer skin women it does look a bit awkward. Take for instance my daughter, she’s fair skinned and she even believes it awkward looking. It is not everyones way of life. Even though society tries to make women who do not shave their legs look and feel bad about our choice. So, I bring this to the table just to see what others think and feel about this topic, because I reserve the right to be an individual not a crowd pleaser.